Get your photo: download

Thank you for allowing me to photograph you. Find your image and click on the little down arrow download image button, and you'll receive your full-sized image. Once you download the file(s), you can have the photo printed anywhere that does photos (e.g. Sam's Club, Walmart, CVS, etc.). Each picture should print well at the size indicated in the title (e.g. 8x10 will print at 8 inches by 10 inches. Please keep the proportion of the dimensions constant to avoid distorting the image. e.g. 8x10 will print at 4x5, 8x10, 16x20, or 24x30). Should you have any problems finding your image, downloading the file, or printing the photograph; please contact me. Thanks again so much. It was a delight to capture your portrait.

Also. . . , if you'd ever like to have me create additional portraits for you, I'd be more than delighted. Please contact me, and we'll set up a time to shoot. The portraits are always created at no charge to you. I know it's probably a terrible business model, but it gives you and me the opportunity to create some wonderful and lasting portraits. Just click HERE and let's make some exquisite memories.