I saw a play once entitled Crowns. It spoke of the importance of women's hats in the Black culture. It was a wonderful play. I believe I related to it because neither one of my grandfathers would have considered leaving the house without donning their fedoras. They possessed both "work fedoras" as well as "dress fedoras" depending on what their plans were for the day. I love hats and I have far too many . . . , just ask my wife. Folks say it was Kennedy who killed the hat because he typically didn't wear one. It's a shame we don't see them as often as we used to. What would Indiana Jones be without his hat? Or Sam Spade? Or more recently Rayland Givens?  This project celebrates the hats that men and women wear, and bless each and every person who does wear one. They help to make you just a tiny bit bigger than life. It's not the material or the style, but how you feel when you put one on. Stroll through my gallery and take a look at these fine folks and their "Crowns."

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